Founded in 1996 by 3 former Cyprane employees, including current Managing Director John McInnes, Medical Supplies Services International Limited has enjoyed seventeen years of success, both in the manufacturing , developing and servicing of anaesthetic vaporisers.

John having over 30 years of experience with Cyprane , Ohmeda and Datex Ohmeda, likewise his co director and wife Moira McInnes, combine to make the name of MSS synonymous with quality products and services

In 1995 Ohmeda decided to close its manufacturing facilities in the UK and transfer the production of Tec 5 and Tec 6 (Desflurane) to Madison USA.  The transfer was completed in the 1st half of 1996.  This decision resulted in some 450 people being made redundant, including both John and Moira.   At the time of the closure, Ohmeda also decided to obsolete the Tec 3 vaporiser from its product range. We saw this as an ideal opportunity to start a business and at the same time resurrect the Tec 3 vaporiser, hence MSS International was formed in August 1996.

The first MSS 3 vaporiser was produced in April 1997. Since then we have produced some 20,000 units, 90% of which have been for the export market, including to USA, Europe, China, Africa and the Middle East.

We continue to maintain and repair Tec 3, Tec 4, Tec 5 and our MSS-branded products for a large number of long-standing customers in the UK and further afield.