Who we are

The Company was first established in July 1996.  Prior to this, the founder Directors were employed by OHMEDA.   In 1996 Ohmeda closed its factory in Keighley, West Yorkshire, England to consolidate its manufacturing in the USA.
Historically, Keighley was the birthplace of the “Continuos Flow – Temperature Compensated Vaporiser”. The original manufacturing company was called Cyprane, the trade name of their vaporisers began with the letters TEC ( temperature compensated).  TEC became a registered trade mark for their vaporisers, and through mergers / purchases, Datex Ohmeda to this day still use this brand name. Without contradiction, I would say that every anaesthetist in the world for the past 40+ years have either used or know of the TEC vaporiser.

Its pedigree is without match.

What is all this got to do with a company called MSS ?  The directors worked for the original company Cyprane continuing right up to the factory closure, when, at that time the company was known as Ohmeda.  In 1996, finding ourselves “out of work” we decided to capitalise on our knowledge and experience in the manufacture of vaporisers by forming our own company – Medical Supplies and Services International Limited (MSS Int).

Since the formation of the company in 1996, we have exported our products world-wide in addition to our own domestic market here in the U.K.

MSS International – Truly International

What do we do

Our main manufacturing is in new Vaporisers.  We now manufacture one that is based upon the the Tec 3 vaporiser, the MSS 3. During the last 17 years we have manufactured and supplied some 20,000 MSS 3 vaporisers. In addition to manufacturing vaporisers, we have our own Service Centre servicing Tec 3, Tec 4 and Tec 5 vaporisers plus a range of anaesthesia machines and accessories.   We also supply vaporiser spare parts to other service centres around the world.  In addition we offer an advisory service together with direct help, when required, for companies wanting to start or update new and existing service centres.

Along the way we have improved and updated the MSS 3 incorporating up to date machining techniques.

We have our own dedicated machine shop producing 90% of our own components.

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